Parents and Teen Driving

Prepare your teens for safe driving


If you are a parent of a teenage driver, your child's safety is your first concern. Though you cannot always be by their side, there are things you can do to help keep them safe behind the wheel. Educating yourself and your new teen driver about the risks and insurance implications of unsafe driving can save lives and money.


Set Expectations
While teen driving statistics are troubling, research suggests parents who set rules cut accident risk in half. Talk openly about your expectations for behind-the-wheel behavior.

Keep Costs Down
Adding a teen driver to your auto insurance policy can be costly. Make sure you and your teen driver understand how even minor fender-benders can drive up costs. Consider the following tips:

Managing Accidents
While education and preparation can help, accidents still happen. In the event of an auto accident, make sure everyone knows what steps to take to stay safe and protect their identity. NAIC's free WreckCheck app for iPhone® and Android® walks you through what to do — and not do — after an accident. The app helps users collect necessary information on the spot, then immediately email a report to your home and your insurance agent.

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